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When drilling for Oil & Gas, contractors need to first install a Conductor, Rathole and Cellar. Our EK125 is the market leader in this sector due to its easy mobilization (one load), high effective torque, depth achieved and easy operation. The EK160 is also a popular rig for locations where hard rock is encountered.

Standard Chassis: CAT 323 Next Gen  
Installed Power: 164 hp 122 kW
Maximum Torque: 101,700 ft.lbs 14,000 kg.m
Maximum Diameter: 8 ft 2,440 mm
Maximum Drilling Depth: 155 ft 47,300 mm
Operation Weight 85,000 lb 38,600 kg
Standard Chassis: CAT 330 Next Gen  
Installed Power: 275 hp 205 kW
Maximum Torque: 155,100 ft.lbs 21,500 kg.m
Maximum Diameter: 10 ft 3,050 mm
Maximum Drilling Depth: 200 ft 61,000 mm
Operation Weight: 110,000 lb 50,000 kg

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